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Tarot/Oracle Monthly Box (November Pre-Order)

Tarot/Oracle Monthly Box (November Pre-Order)

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As requested...We are now a monthly box!

(Ships between Nov 15-20)

November's theme is:


Featuring the gorgeous Shaman's Dream Oracle. From the author:

"The dream world has long captivated the human psyche. Ancient mystics, early religious texts, and even modern psychoanalysis describe the power of dreams as a way to understand the deeper layers of our lives. The mythic landscapes and spirit beings that we encounter in this sacred realm shape and create our experiences in the waking world. We are all sacred dreamers, dreaming the world into being-what will you dream?"



Subscriptions auto renew on the last day of the month prior to box shipping, unless canceled. For example Nov 31 for December's box.

One-Time Purchases do not auto renew.