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Dreamwork Box - Nine of Earth

Dreamwork Box

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$100 Retail Value!

Featuring the gorgeous Shaman's Dream Oracle and nine other items!

From the author: 

"The dream world has long captivated the human psyche. Ancient mystics, early religious texts, and even modern psychoanalysis describe the power of dreams as a way to understand the deeper layers of our lives. The mythic landscapes and spirit beings that we encounter in this sacred realm shape and create our experiences in the waking world. We are all sacred dreamers, dreaming the world into being-what will you dream?"

One time box, does not auto-renew.









Customer Reviews

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Kazondra Rodriguez-Pitard
Beautiful Box: from shipping package to Luxurious over sized oracle...

What a fun unboxing! Everything was on theme and lovely, very excited for the loose leaf tea as well. It contains butterfly pea that imparts a lovely color and with the addition of some citric acid (fresh lemon) it turn from blue to a purple hue. My daughter loves the crystal necklace so much I may have to order her one of her own! The dream tarot spread leaflet that was included I found useful as I am newer to spreads and working with cards. I truly enjoyed this, I don't often treat myself and this did not disappoint. Thanks again, from southern Oregon!